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    Swimming pool remodeling can be a lower cost way to bring an old pool back to life. With new color and finish or a new deck and plastering around your swimming pool we can make it back into the pool you dreamed of. Custom remodel your swimming pool in Los Angeles with a contractor who's concerned about your pool, as well as your budget.  From pool remodeling to swimming pool renovations we can handle it all. 
    If your pool is old and has begun to show signs of age, we can help. Don't let a leaky pool become a nightmare condition in your backyard. Let the experts at Baron Pool save you the trouble, before the problem becomes unmanageable. We can re plaster your swimming pool and make it look like new again. At Baron Pool we strive to be the best pool remodeling company in Southern California, so your satisfaction is our first priority.
    No matter whether it's your coping, your plaster, your deck, or even your plumbing and pipes. If they've worn to the point of breakdown, we can tailor solutions to your situation quickly. You need results fast, and Baron Pool can deliver. Our consultations can be as fast and pointed as you need them to be, and we can be to work in minimal time, taking only what time's necessary to gather personnel and materials as immediately as possible.


  • Baron Pool's swimming pool renovation and swimming pool alteration services in Southern California range from a small addition of a simple water element to a complete swimming pool renovation and remodel.
    Pool renovation & modernization can include:
     Design modification to form, depth and style
    Custom tile, stone, brick and masonry
    Slides and diving boards
    Rock formations
    Waterfalls and fountains
  • A swimming pool remodeling in San Bernadino isn't always a matter of urgency. Sometimes, it's a simple matter of preference. Perhaps you've remodeled your own home, and the color of the pool could match the color of the house better. Perhaps the deck in the back needs to be extended, or torn out and redone altogether. Affordable Pool Remodel in Los Angeles
    The area may be expensive to live in, but services that add to the value of your home don't have to be. Let our experts tailor a solution to your pool and deck area that brings them back to life, and rejuvenates your desire to be in your backyard.
    A Change of Color, Deck or Scenery
    Any kind of aesthetic change to this area of your property will bring a new season of life to it that's all its own. Looking at your backyard in this different way is an exciting chance to take a new look at your home, and be proud of what you've done to get to where you have. A pool is a tremendous reward for a lifetime's worth of work well done, and will give a liftetime back to your family if kept properly.
    Call Baron Pool at (909) 792-8891 today, or request a consultation online from one of our expert swimming pool remodeling specialists by filling out our contact form.
    Our online scheduling service also lets you request an appointment with one of our qualified professional consultants on your schedule, making setting up a consultation about your new pool is easy. Meet with one of our experienced swimming pool construction contractors on your schedule.