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Pool Safety

There are many swimming pool covers to choose from when evaluating your options in pool safety covers. When it comes to safety, pool covers and pool safety fences are the only way to assure the safety of the children in your backyard or pool area. We will work with you to decide what would work best for you.

Safety pool fences safeguard pets and loved ones from diving in unexpectedly. Baron Pool specializes in the installation of automatic pool covers, solar pool covers and pool safety covers. When you own a home and have a family, nothing is more important than protecting them from an accident. Fences, pool covers and a watchful eye are your most effective means of safe guarding yourself.

In 2007, there were 3,443 unintentional, yet fatal drowning incidents (non-boating related) in the United States. One in five of those were children. For every child who drowned that year, four others received some kind of emergency medical treatment for conditions sustained by non-fatal submersions. To date, unintentional injury-related death resulting from drowning is the second-leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 14.

Pool Fences and Pool Covers Save Lives

Above ground pool fences are a commodity that bears no comparable monetary long-term equivalence. The value of pool safety covers in homes is unsurpassed, and inground pool covers have saved more lives than any statistic can track.

Automatic pool covers are a low-maintenance, high-return investment in your home. With a retractable cover, no weather elements or debris from your yard can find its way into the water. When your pool is in ground. pool covers at the same ground level don't always deflect dirt and debris. Baron Pool certifies and stands behind the quality of their inground swimming pool covers and automatic pool covers.

Swimming pool fences, as well, offer the kind of safety that tandems with a pool cover to assure maximum accident prevention. As a family-supportive homeowner, when you're talking about safety then safety pool fences are, without question, the most effective method of securing this area. We construct and design your above ground pool fence to the insure optimal comfort, capacity, efficiency and excellence.